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Home loans can be availed from any of the country’s premier finance institutions.
Our projects are approved by most of these institutions. In case you choose one that we are not usually associated with, we will get our project documents approved with the institution of your choice for your convenience. While all documents relating to the property will be furnished by us, the customer only needs to furnish the bank/institution with documents essentially relating to :

  • Identity
  • Proof of income and supporting bank statements

Banks and finance institutions usually follow an income based loan eligibility assessment. The income tax return is usually taken as the relevant document for residents, while NRI’s will need to similarly produce a valid proof of their income abroad.

Generally a maximum of 60% of total income is considered as available to service the loan and repayment period can be generally for a maximum of 30 years or till the age of 70, whichever is less. However these are only indicative criteria and may vary slightly depending on the institution and customer profile.

An EMI calculator will help you to assess your eligibility based on your income.

The following are some of the country’s leading housing finance providers :-

SBI    - 

EMI Calculator


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